How Custom Blister Packaging Could Be Helpful for Branding?

How Custom Blister Packaging Could Be Helpful for Branding?

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Whether you’re seeking the right packaging for small food or pharmaceutical products blister packaging is just a perfect solution. Blister packs are utilized to keep your product safe from multiple environmental factors that include humidity and contamination. Blister is the type of packaging in which a plastic sheet is heated and transformed into the shape of blister-covering packets. From the backside, it contains cardboard, aluminum, and plastic sheet. Blister packaging be manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

Common Uses of Custom Blister Packaging

Usually, custom blister packaging is used for the following purposes:

  • Pharmaceutical Products: Tablets and Capsules
  • Food Products: Baked Products, Frozen Meat and Salmon
  • Stationery Products: Ink Cartridges, Colored Pens and Pens
  • Electronics: USB, Cables and Headphones
  • Toys: Barbie Dolls, Cars
  • Tools: Nails, Screws and Batteries

Types of Custom Blister Packaging

Normally, we can find four main types of custom blister packaging:


In aluminum–aluminum packaging type, both front and back part of custom blister packs are based on aluminum. Plastic finds might or might not be a part of it. Most importantly, in aluminum–aluminum type of blister pack, the product isn’t visible from the outside. They’re quite expensive and usually utilized for sensitive medications.

Aluminum-Plastic Blister Packs

Aluminum-Plastic blister packaging that has aluminum to the back side of the packaging instead of paper or cardboard. Here, PVC plastic sheets is heated and transformed to manufacture from the plastic blisters that have aluminum on the back to keep it secure. Aluminum-plastic custom blister packaging is normally used for capsules and tablets that may be deformed to make small portions. 


Plastic-paper blister packs are alternatively knowns as blister cards. They’re manufactured by heating PVC films and transforming them into personalized shapes. These heated and transformed sheets sticks to the cardboard sheet. Such sheet might be straight or have an opening from the back. Plastic-paper blisters are used for electronics, tools and stationery packaging.


In plastic-plastic packs, a single piece of plastic where two halves are combined from one side to make a hinge that closes the packaging. Such blister packs need force to open because it has a hard structure. They are lined with paper or might be transparent. Such type of packaging can also be used by the customers to store the products at home. The alternate name of these boxes is a clamshell box. Usually, they’re used for food products i.e. cheese, meat, butter, etc.

Which Type of Blister Packs Suites with your Business?

Blister packaging is an outstanding and remarkable investment made by businesses to keep their products safe from damage. Blister packs are easier to use for different products and also make access easier for the customers to desired products. If you’re selling food or pharmaceutical products, the blister is undoubtedly an ideal solution. You can win the heart and trust of your potential customers through these packs. They can see what they’re purchasing before spending money. Most importantly, they’re highly cost-effective so, your finance isn’t going to bear any unexpected pressure.

As already discussed there are a lot choices available for custom blister packaging, so, it is hard to decide the best option for your product. Always, make decisions according to your product type, size, and demand. All blister pack materials aren’t safe for all types of products so, always understand your product demand and take decisions. Selecting the wrong packaging type make give a ridiculous appearance to your product. Right product type with an appropriate marketing technique can give a boom to your sales. Make your product more presentable and comfortable to appeal targeted audience and personalize it with brand information to stay in mind for longer.

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