Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Cookie Boxes

Memorial Day Celebrations with Custom Cookie Boxes

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Looking around to find the best approach to say thank you to the troops on this Memorial Day? Memorial Day is a proud moment for every American and it should now be ignored. We need to tell such history to our kids and make them aware also encourage them to celebrate the day. Usually, it is observed on the last Monday of May. Don’t let the day just a holiday for the kids. Explain to them the significance by sharing the historical stories with them. They should know that the day is not just a “fun day” or an off day but reserve special importance.

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day History

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States of America to honor the military while serving the country during the civil war. It is celebrated as a federal holiday since 1971. US people visit the cemeteries or memorials with their families. They participate in special parades to give honor. Furthermore, graves of soldiers decorate with flowers and recite prayers therefore, it is also knowns as Decoration Day.

How to Send your Cookies to Troops during COVID-19?

Memorial Day Cookies

People in the US, send homemade cookies to soldiers and show their love by thanking them on Memorial Day. Cookies that are being sent should reach safely to the destination. So, here are few tips to send your special cookies especially.

Cookies Baking Tips

  1. It is better to use white sugar in your Memorial Day cookies to avoid mold.
  2. Add fruit to cookies it keeps moist.
  3. Don’t use any special topping i.e. icing, jam or custard, etc. that’ll spoil your effort.

Cookies Packaging Tips

Packaging plays an important role because it shows your gratitude & ensures security at the same time. Therefore, make sure to pack cookies in a special Memorial Day packaging box. Your packing material should have proper separations to keep them safe. Don’t forget to tightly seal your custom cookie boxes with tape.

Memorial Day Cookies Sending Tips

Now you have done all of your work time to send your gift and say thank you. You can use USPS to send the cookies package to troops. Make sure to have the name and address of the soldier individually. Because if you do not know any of the soldiers personally, they’ll not accept it.

Celebrate Memorial Day by sending homemade cookies to soldiers and telling the history to your kids. Don’t think that telling about war can keep them scared. Being an American, you should tell your kids about the struggles that are made by soldiers and keep them motivated. Put a flag outside your home and show your patriotism. Your little effort may support the family members of those soldiers who died while serving the nation.

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